Ask an Engineer: Paul

Ask an Engineer is a series in our blog that provides a behind-the-scenes look at Legend Power and the people behind our technology. Today’s engineer is Paul.


Name: Paul Han
Length of Time with Legend Power: 5 weeks
Job Title: Engineering Technologist

Erik: What is your top tip for electrical energy conservation?

Paul: Unplug any unnecessary home appliances when not in use, such as your TV, computer, phone chargers, etc. It’s a small but easy thing that everyone can do to help with energy conservation

Erik: What is the coolest thing you’ve seen while working on the Harmonizer?

Paul: I guess the coolest thing I’ve seen about the Harmonizer is that it works. It’s exciting to see something that could help push companies towards a greener path.

Erik: What is the bigger picture here? What does Legend Power bring to the world?

Paul: The bigger picture is to help companies make an important step towards becoming more energy conscious. Doing so doesn’t require some grand gesture but a consistent act of change and improvement. I think Legend Power provides that through our product.

Erik: What trend do you refuse to follow?

Paul: Yoga.

Erik: What’s your favourite activity outside of the office?

Paul: Reading a good book.