Ask an Engineer: Andreas

Ask an Engineer is a series in our blog that provides a behind-the-scenes look at Legend Power and the people behind our technology. Today’s engineer is Andreas.

Andreas In The Lab

Name: Andreas
Length of Time with Legend Power: 4 months
Job Title: Co-op Student, R&D Engineering Support

Erik: In your opinion, what is the greatest benefit of commercial, electrical energy conservation?

Andreas: The greatest benefit of electrical energy conservation is saving energy and money, and saving the environment by reducing Greenhouse Gases Emission from electrical energy generation.

Erik: What is a little known fact about Legend Power’s Harmonizer-AVR?

Andreas: That’s its simple. People may think that the Harmonizer is a very complicated and advanced piece of technology but the Harmonizer is simply a transformer that is meant to reduce voltage according to the AVR’s instructions. In other words, to compare it to a car system, the AVR is the engine and the Harmonizer is the wheel.

Erik: What are some places, companies or governments that you’d like to see initiating electrical energy conservation?

Andreas: The best location to start electrical energy conservation would be the electrical energy generation plant, because the basic principle of energy conservation is to reduce unnecessary power generated by the plant itself. Electrical energy conservation will also bring significant difference to places where huge amount of energy is needed, like warehouses and factories, because they tend to draw much more power than they need due to their massive loads.

Erik: What do you do in your spare time?

Andreas: In my spare time I usually play soccer, listen/play music or just hangout with friends.

Erik: What would your alternative career be?

Andreas: If I wasn’t engineering, I would open a small business, or continue my family’s business as a spare-parts distributor in the auto industry.