Over fifteen percent of North Americans live in apartment or condo buildings, and many of these buildings utilize older inefficient electrical equipment.  Legend’s Harmonizer is an ideal fit for high density apartment and condo residences where the property manager is unable to directly replace older inefficient end use loads such as incandescent light bulbs found in tenant occupied spaces.  The Harmonizer addresses an entire building without disrupting the daily lives of residents, giving landlords and building owners greater control over their building’s efficiency.  The Harmonizer is designed for apartment or condo buildings with 100+ suites per building.

Legend Power’s Harmonizer reduces electrical energy consumption in buildings, saving money and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Legend Power delivers guaranteed energy savings.

The Harmonizer is installed in a facility’s electrical room at the point where power enters a building and optimizes incoming voltage. By operating equipment at a reduced and controlled voltage level, equipment runs with greater efficiency, saving energy, while reducing costly premature equipment failure and also extending product life expectancy.

Key Benefits

Without the need to replace or retrofit existing electrical equipment you can now reduce your electrical energy consumption.

  • Reduce energy consumption and electrical bills by up to 8%
  • Quick Return on Investment
  • Seamless integration into existing electrical system — minimal disruption to building residents
  • Leading 10 year warranty and a 15 year life expectancy
  • Eligible for Incentive funding & government rebates — helps reduce capital cost
  • The Industry’s Lowest Total Cost of Ownership — Maintenance Free
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Cash flow positive day one through Legend’s financing offer